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Past Events!

We’ve been busy! See what we’ve been doing

A Woman’s Guide to Navigating Life Transitions

No matter what stage of life you are in, you know the difficulties that transitions can bring. Be it a big career change, getting married, having a child, or getting divorced, these events change the direction of our lives permanently. Even if we can see these changes coming, it can be hard to adequately prepare ourselves mentally, emotionally, and financially.

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Economic Summit

"Before the pandemic hit, the stock market was hitting new highs despite lagging industries and growing levels of debt. A year into the pandemic and we are hitting even higher highs, gaps between industries are even greater, and national debt is through the roof. Where to next?"

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Couples Social Security Webinar

This webinar covered how you and your spouse can optimize your retirement income. Our experts will be covering little known rules that will help married couples get more out of the Social Security System. Open this post for link to the webinar's recording.

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Town Hall

This was a discussion on the Biden/Harris administration. We talked about the 5 most pressing issues they face and the order they will address them.

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Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times

What do we do when life experiences cause us to feel a lot more unfocused, fearful, and on edge? Join Rachel Gustafson a Certified Financial Planner & Janet Rucker-Smith a Certified Professional Evolutionary Life Coach in exploring how these uncertain times can affect our peace of mind, financially and personally. They will share what you can do NOW to reduce anxiety and create more financial and emotional balance.

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6 Retirement Account Options Every Retiree Must Know

Have you recently been laid off or taken a severance package and thinking about retiring? Or maybe you just want to understand what your options are when you do leave a job. In this webinar we will discuss 6 different options that you have to choose from and some common mistakes so you can hopefully avoid them.

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The CARES Act & What you NEED to know

There has been a LOT of information put out in the media on the CARES Act and changes it brings. This short 30 minute Webinar will outline the highlights of need to know information including changes to unemployment, distributions from retirement plans, Federal student loans & more.

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The Secure Act & What it means to YOU!!

The SECURE Act changes the retirement rules for individuals and companies, which means current and future retirement plans need to be reviewed and adjusted. In this webinar we will discuss the SECURE Act and how it impacts you and your retirement planning. To view a recording of this webinar, go to our videos under media.

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