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Economic Summit

Join us on Sunday, May 2nd, at 3pm for our Economic Summit.  

Before the pandemic hit, the stock market was hitting new highs despite lagging industries and growing levels of debt. A year into the pandemic and we are hitting even higher highs, gaps between industries are even greater, and national debt is through the roof. Where to next? The Biden administration has plans to help social security, alter various taxes, and incentivize green infrastructure. Will these changes help or hurt you? Diana Harrison will be providing an economic and market overview as well as a FIT update so you can better understand and better approach what the future holds.  

In addition, we are honored to present our guest speaker, Fred Douglas. Fred is an innovative speaker and coach (Transformational Connexions) who has made it his life mission to guide leaders out of chaos and into realizing their potential through prioritizing connection with others. He helps business professionals and corporate clients redefine success from an internal perspective of re-examining their personal mission. Fred facilitates the creation of key transformative strategies to improve relations by helping us identify our individual story.  

 “If we are going to make 2021 better than 2020, one change we can make is better connecting with each other. We can begin with our own personal journey. It will give us a story and our story will give us a message. That message is your ticket to connect.”  


 To reserve your seat for Sunday, May 2nd, at 3pm please follow the link here


A Woman’s Guide to Navigating Life Transitions

No matter what stage of life you are in, you know the difficulties that transitions can bring. Be it a big career change, getting married, having a child, or getting divorced, these events change the direction of our lives permanently. Even if we can see these changes coming, it can be hard to adequately prepare ourselves mentally, emotionally, and financially.  

In this webinar we will be discussing what a life transition is, how it can affect your well-being, and ways to prepare your finances and estate plan. Whether you have a big change coming up or are smack dab in the middle of one, you will walk away with helpful information and effective strategies. Our fantastic line-up of speakers include Janet Rucker-Smith (Certified Life Coach), Rachel Gustafson (Financial Planner), and Elin Severson (Estate Planning Attorney). They will share some powerful content and open the floor for your questions. 

When:   May 12th at 11am      (click here to register) 

              May 13th at 5pm        (click here to register) 

Please feel free to share this invitation with anyone you feel may benefit from this webinar. 

Thank You