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Who We Are

Financial advocates working for your beneFIT.

Our Mission

To become your most trusted advisory team by constructing a comprehensive financial plan that is flexible and tailored to your needs using the 11 wealth management strategies. To promote confidence by providing opportunities for coaching and education by way of our open door policy, distinctive events, and excellent communication.

Our Principle

Our company is based on the belief that in order to be successful, it is critical to constantly seek improvement. Thus, we pride ourselves not just on our current level of knowledge and service, but also on our commitment to achieving more. As such, we are very receptive to client feedback and responsive to any opportunity to provide better service.

Our Commitment

We constantly strive to provide our clients with the highest level of service available in the industry. Additionally, our objective is to ensure that all investment decisions and recommendations are responsible: financially, socially, and morally.

A Little History

We opened our investment firm doors in 2000 with the purpose of adding more value to the tax and accounting services provided by Diana LJ Harrison CPA, PC. Originally, the investment firm was named Harrison & Associates Wealth Management Services because it created a feeling of familiarity and continuity for our clients. As time went by, the firm expanded to an extensive financial services operation specializing in direct asset management. 

We realized we needed to further broaden the functionality of our firm by really fostering a team atmosphere between our clients and us. We started thinking about how to incorporate this team atmosphere into our company philosophy and thought “Why not put it in the name!”. After all, we are a team that can provide financial and tax resources to clients for the proper management of their financial futures. Now that we had the team portion of our new name nailed down, we wanted to come up with something that embodied what we’re all about and all the services we offer. 

Naturally, when thinking of a team we kept thinking about fitness. Only in this case, we’re striving for financial fitness instead of physical fitness.
This thinking then led to the consideration of how important it is to be financially fit. For instance, if you only worked out one part of your body you would be unbalanced. Financial fitness works the same way. We believe our clients have to address every aspect of their finances or something will be out of balance. 

By this time, we felt ourselves getting closer to finding a new name that encompassed everything we do for our clients and highlights the team approach we’ve set in place. Finally, putting all of this together provided us with not only a great team name but also the perfect acronym: Financial Investment Team, FIT for short. Asking ourselves one last time, “How can we help our clients reach peak financial FITness?” The answer, “By working as a team to improve all areas of their financial life to ensure balance and strength.” And thus… our new company name was born.

It is our pleasure to be your Financial Investment Team.


We follow fiduciary standards, meaning we will always do what is best for our clients.

All investment decisions are made and implemented in our client’s account according to their best interests and always before our own. We have created a framework within our firm to help provide appropriate and suitable advice to each client.


Gather information such as individual circumstances, objectives, investment time horizon, liquidity needs, risk tolerance, and expected return. 


Determine and evaluate the suitability of investment options based on this information.


Create a diversified portfolio by selecting the appropriate asset classes.


Formalize these items with an Investment Policy Statement and implement the strategy.


Monitor and adjust the portfolio on an ongoing basis.

Extensive Services

Financial Plan

We truly believe in comprehensive planning to provide balance and strength to your financial life. This is why we offer a full financial plan to every managed client at no additional cost. The clearer the picture the better you will feel about your ability to handle whatever life throws at you.

Tax Preparation

Many financial services firms offer tax planning but very few offer tax preparation as well. Offering this service is beneficial because it allows us to make better investment decisions but also simplifies the process for our clients.



We believe clients make better decisions when they understand the fundamentals behind the recommendations we make. At FIT, we offer many educational events to provide our clients with the resources to improve their financial knowledge. Our clients are encouraged to contact us with any question or concern, no matter how small it seems.


We offer many fun events for our clients and their families to enjoy. We work with many multi-generational families and think a family focused approach is the best way to grow with our clients.


At FIT, we take pride in being socially responsible not only by investing in other socially responsible companies but also by giving back to our community. We’ve adopted a road, we serve meals to the families at the Ronald McDonald House, we sponsor scholarships at Portland State University, and much more. We’re always looking for new ways to help out.