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Diana Harrison


Owner, Investment AdvisOr Representative

Diana has always had a real zeal for tax, accounting and financial work. With a huge amount of hard work and sacrifice, she turned her passion into her life's work. No easy task for sure, but it makes for a handsome story.

It all began one cold and rainy afternoon in the late 70's. The scene is right out of a classic Norman Rockwell print. Young Diana is sitting at her small desk, reading glasses perched on the end of her nose. A hot cup of black coffee sits on one side and a vase of #2 pencils sharpened to a point on the other. Found on the floor next to her chair is a modest pile of files full of last year's receipts and a stack of fresh 1040 tax forms. There's a warm light coming from the lamp over her head and a paper pamphlet of the IRS's latest tax code in her hands. Ready to begin, she sets the tax code aside and picks up a pencil. She takes a deep breath and begins preparing her very first tax return. At this moment in history, with not a computer in sight running the latest tax preparation and research software, Diana has no idea what the years will bring.

After this first tax season, Diana realizes how much she loves doing taxes and how much more she would like to learn. Highly inspired and ready to go, she begins her legendary educational career, gaining her first accreditation in 1980 as a licensed tax consultant.


In 1988, Diana is back in school. Her goal: to gain the knowledge base that comes with being a full blown Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Within 2 years, she receives her Post-Baccalaureate degree in Accounting. Proudly, in 1990, Diana receives her CPA certificate and in 1992 she opens her own CPA firm, dubbed as Diana LJ Harrison CPA, PC.

The State of Oregon starts talking about allowing CPAs to also hold financial advisor licensing. Her mind reels at the possibilities of combining her tax practice with financial management. This could be a dream come true--she could offer her clients a total package of tax and financial advice all in one visit! In 2001, the new legislation is passed. The learning materials are ordered and Diana is at her desk, studying once again. Before she knows it, she has her Series 4, 7, 66 and insurance licenses and begins offering financial services to her clients as well as continuing her tax company. This same year, she also studies for and obtains the encompassing Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner (CFP®) certification.

2007 marks the year that the two businesses are separated into their own entities: Diana LJ Harrison CPA, PC and Harrison & Associates Wealth Management Services, Inc.

In 2010, Diana adds to her education by completing the rigorous coursework of a Certified Wealth Strategist® (CWS®) and expands her knowledge and skill set needed to work with more complex client issues.  

In 2013, the firm changes its name to Financial Investment Team, Inc. Diana is committed to her clients and her dedication shows through the Five Star Wealth Manager Award that she earns in 2014 for the second year in a row. Award winners are not rated or ranked by Five Star; instead, they undergo thorough regulatory reviews. This award illustrates Diana's devotion to building real relationships with her clients and helps provide them confidence that they have chosen a qualified, researched professional that focuses on customer service.

She makes a point to enjoy the finer things in life which include, hiking traveling, training her dogs, and gardening. Always at the top of her list is spending time with her husband and kids.. And to help her fully enjoy these moments, the perfect cup of coffee is never far away.

Looking back, it is not hard to see that Diana's values are rooted in giving, building her education, and planning for the future. She is an amazing person that never tires of challenging herself and doing her best for everyone around her, even when the doing gets tough. This work is her passion, but it is not all about numbers or money. For her, it is truly about supporting people and helping dreams to come true.