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Julie OlsonJulie Olson

Julie has been with the firm since 1997. She has a Liberal Arts Degree and provides investment sales assistance, specializing in operations and trading.

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Carrie HowardCarrie Howard

Carrie joined FIT in October of 2013. Carrie is responsible for marketing, team events, client events, and seminar planning.

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Donald HarrisonDonald Harrison

Don joined the firm after 40 years in event, trade show, and retail marketing project management. At FIT he manages electronic document processing and archiving.

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GretaGreta Garbo

Greta Garbo is a 106 pound Anatolian Shepard who we think was a princess in her former life. She loves to greet clients and give them a brief audience before retreating back to Donald's office to resume her napping.


Maxie is the latest addition to the FIT kennel. She is a Shiloh Shepard. Maxie loves to greet clients with kisses and a wagging tail. Her main job is helping Diana reorganize her office. She loves to eat tax code manuals.