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Investment Fundamentals

This webinar discusses the 5 myths of investing and the corresponding truths as we explore some investment fundamentals.

Money Game for ages 3-6

Rachel shares a fun & easy DIY money game you can do with your children at home!

Economic Summit 2020 Presentation by Diana Harrison

Diana Harrison will give us an economic update and how the Presidential race could impact your portfolio.

Economic Summit 2020 Presentation by John Lucke

Our guest speaker, John Lucke is a Cardio-thoracic Surgeon. He will talk about what we can do to help prevent heart disease.

Youngberg Hill at the 2019 Economic Summit

Check out Youngberg Hill who played for our clients at this year’s summit. They were a blast to work with and so much fun to watch. Thank you!

Healthcare Planning

Are you prepared for future health care costs? Watch this video to find out why it’s important to plan now for the high cost of health care in retirement.

College Savings

Higher education provides your children with lifelong advantages. This video explains the importance of getting started with a college savings strategy as soon as possible.


Financial planning is about more than just managing money. It’s about setting goals for your future and taking steps to achieve those goals. A trusted advisor can help set you on the right path and ensure you stay the course.