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Why would I want a Financial Plan? Thumbnail

Why would I want a Financial Plan?

For some, planning is getting up in the morning and if it is a good day in the market, they think "Awe! Retire at 70!" Or, if it's a bad day, they think "I will be working till I die." This is NOT planning, this is stumbling through life.

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Wow, What a Market! Thumbnail

Wow, What a Market!

When markets get volatile, there are several things you can do to remove some of the anxiety. Do nothing. Ignore the news and just ride the roller coaster. Sell everything and put the money in a CD. Follow your plan.

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Market Myths vs. Reality Thumbnail

Market Myths vs. Reality

Every year I hear the following comments and wanted to clarify some myths vs realities. 1. “I do not want to invest. I prefer mutual funds because they are safe.” 2. “I am a conservative investor and hold high yield bonds to get greater income.”

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Let us ease the transition to retirement years Thumbnail

Let us ease the transition to retirement years

Whether you are steps away from retiring, newly retired or well settled into your retirement years, it is never too late to do some tax-focused financial planning to maximize retirement spending and minimize payments to Uncle Sam.

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