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Clearly the UGLY of COVID 19 are all the people who have suffered with this virus and the people that have died.  What could possibly be worse than being a seemingly healthy person, talking to the wrong unmasked individual and then contracting the virus?

The BAD, or just totally wrong, of this virus are all the people that think they are so far above everyone else in importance that they do not have to wear a mask or wash their hands.   After all, you do not wear a mask to prevent you from getting the virus but for the people you might encounter.    Shame on these arrogant souls, may they live long enough to feel the pain of their actions.

The GOOD.  What might you ask is the good…well, let us go through some of the good that has come out of this:

  1. All the people that took it upon their selves to sew masks when ones to buy were not available
  2. The many selfless acts of giving to help people that needed it most, the true American spirit of giving
  3. People have spent more time with their family than they ever thought possible and to their surprise it was pretty good.  Many of my clients have said things like:

Every night after dinner we get out a board game and play a game as a family, even with the teens and our college students

  1. Many more dinners together as a family
  2. Returning to or discovering the joy of cooking good meals and fewer drive thru or grease spoon meals
  3. Many more walks with the dog
  4. Getting a pet that you thought you would never have time for and then finding how easy it is to have the time, and how fun the relationship is
  5. Re-discovering the joy of bike riding and how much fun it is to share with your family
  6. Learning to appreciate what you have and how important family is to you
  7. Discovering how to entertain yourself without a computer or iPad, the joy of creating
  8. Finding that Americans can always rise to the fashion challenge.   For years people in Asia, South and Central America have worn face masks.  You would see them in airports, pictures of everyday life in Hong Kong or on the streets of Cusco.  They always wore the plain white mask.  But ask Americans to wear a mask and suddenly it is a designer statement with flowers, teeth, pictures and bling.  Now an entire cottage industry has sprung up around face masks that loop behind the ear, ties behind the head, pulls up from the neck, goes on like a hat with a face cover.   This is one of the things American’s do best, innovate.
  9. Working from home so fewer cars on the road, less air and water pollution, a cleaner simpler lifestyle

I am sure there are thousands of good things that have come out of the virus if one only dwelled on the changes to life that will hopefully stay in whole or in part after the pandemic has passed.

 When not sure about tomorrow, add to the list and think of where you would like to be this time next year, and then make it happen.